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6 of the Best Ecotourism Destinations in the World

For city dwellers, travel is not only a chance to enjoy a change of pace and scenery. Nature and outdoor lovers are more likely long for natural areas to explore. With a growing number of ecotourism destinations in the world, finding a place to go should not be so hard. But picking one among the many options you will find could be tricky. Here are six of the world’s best destinations for eco travel and adventures.

Gunsight Mountain Alaska
Alaska may not be one of the most visited places in the world. But it has a wealth of attractions and natural areas to explore. It is teeming with scenic landscape and wildlife not to mention the pristine lakes and rivers that you can find as you explore the wilderness. From whale-watching to hiking, there is an abundance of places you can go and things you can do for some great outdoor adventures.

Antarctica is a great place to go if you want to go off the beaten path. Its remoteness has helped in preserving its pristine and untouched beauty. From the breathtaking landscape to the wildlife that thrives in the cold, harsh region, Antarctica is one of the destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica has long been at the forefront of ecotourism. It is one of the places often associated with eco tours and travels. This should not be surprising given the country’s wealth of choices for possible nature destinations. From lush rainforests to diverse wildlife, Costa Rica is an idyllic place to get away from the city and surround yourself with nature.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Galápagos Islands
Galápagos Islands are more than just an overabundance of beautiful nature scenery. It is also home to a mind-blowing array of creatures many of which you may not even see elsewhere. It is a place that not only allows you to marvel at the vibrant natural ecosystem. It is also a great reminder of how wondrous nature can be.

The land of fire and ice is a stunning place for a nature trip. It is home to wonderful and surreal landscape, volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, and so much more. It is also right on top of the go-to places for some Northern Lights sightings.

This African nation is a land rich in natural resources. It has an amazing ecosystem that will leave you in awe, and hopefully more inspired to support conservation efforts not just in Africa but around the world. The country’s popular wildlife safaris offer opportunities for travelers to see and observe the wildlife. And if you are lucky, you may even get the chance to see some of the migrating wildebeests during the Great Migration.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Create Something New Outdoors

Let’s face it. There’s just something about the outdoors that makes one inspired to create something new when surrounded by it.

Be it a simple painting that depicts how magnificent the sun rising over the horizon truly is or an elaborate carving that depicts how iridescent the sea gleaming under the horizon really is, the outdoors will definitely make you unleash your creative potential like no other.

The only question is: Why is that so?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some of the top reasons why you should create something new outdoors:


It’s because creativity starts with relaxation, one that the outdoors can provide you naturally and without you worrying about the possibility of getting bummed out mentally while doing what you need to do.

The key here is being able to see places in a different perspective. Take for example, painting a sun rising over the horizon on a canvass. When you’re relaxed beforehand, which I’m sure you will be more as you see how magnificent it truly is even from a far distance, your mind will be able to see that magnificence not just in plain sight, but in every angle possible known to man – further allowing you to see not just the sun, but also those birds flying towards it and especially those clouds forming beside it.

Simply put, your mind’s relaxation will ultimately reflect how magnificent what you see in front of you will be – as opposed to how you see places when you think something otherwise about a certain place.


It’s also because creativity ends with rejuvenation, one that the outdoors can provide you naturally and without you worrying about the probability of getting burned out physically upon doing what you want to do.

The key here is being able to experience things in a new way. Take for example, carving a sea gleaming under the horizon on an ice. When you’re rejuvenated afterwards, which I’m also sure you will be more as you experience how iridescent it really is from a near distance, your body will be able to experience that iridescence not just in plain touch, but in every approach known to man – further allowing you to experience not just the sea, but also those trees swaying beside it and even those crabs skittering towards it.

Simply put, your body’s rejuvenation will ultimately reflect how iridescent what you experience in front of you will be – as opposed to how you experience things when you feel something otherwise about a certain thing.

Then again, you can always refer to Adams website for more tips and advice when it comes to the perfect kind of tools to use when you’re creating something new outdoors.

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Living Like You’re On Vacation Every Day

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

Busy is the new normal. At least for people who live every day in a constant rush to get what seems like a long list of things done. For many, vacation is one of the luxuries that only those who have the time to spare can afford. Others choose to put traveling last on their list of priorities.

Everyone has a different take on what makes a good life. But not taking a break from the daily grind can be a stressful way to live. You gotta live like you’re on vacation to avoid burning out. It may seem like a frivolous way to live. But nothing could be far from the truth. Whether literally or figuratively, there are many ways to spend every day like you are on a relaxing getaway.

Today is all that matters. Think of all the past vacations you’ve had. You’ll notice that it is all about living day by day. You don’t dwell about yesterday or tomorrow when you’re traveling. You simply live in the now and take things as they come. And if you take this mindset and apply it to everyday life, you will find that things can be a lot less stressful than they used to.

Appreciate the small things. Not everything that pleases you when you travel is really new to you. Sometimes being in a new or unfamiliar place lends a fresh perspective on things. If you take the time to pay attention to the familiar things you may be taking for granted, you might be surprised how much there is something to appreciate and enjoy in your daily life.

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Visiting National Parks

If you haven’t visited a national park yet, you’re definitely missing out in life.

Unlike parks that are only meant for strolling, national parks are meant for a whole lot of things – including walking, running, grilling, picnicking, camping, hiking, and even swimming on nearby lakes.

That being said, here are some tips for you when visiting national parks:

Pack like you’re camping overnight.

The reason for this is quite simple. You might end up climbing large rocks. You might also end up trekking deep forests. Either way, you’ll have fun exploring more of what Mother Nature has to offer. Pack like you’re camping overnight. Pack in the basics like warm clothes, comfortable shoes, water bottles, snack packs, and emergency kits. You can also refer to online articles such as what to pack for Yellowstone if you want a more in-depth list of things to pack when visiting national parks.

Exercise like you’re hiking for a week.

yellowstone national park

The reason for this is also quite simple. You might think of going up on a mountain. You might also think of going down in a cave. Regardless, you’ll need to be conditioned enough to get through the day without any problems. Exercise like you’re hiking for a week. Exercise with the usual endurance exercises like jogging or the usual support exercises like pushups. You can also condition yourself even more through a range of breathing exercises and a variety of stretching exercises.

Have fun like never before.

National parks are not just limited to outdoor activities. You can also have fun through indoor activities by joining workshops like you’re just making projects at school or checking exhibits like you’re just making reports at work. You can also have fun by letting the picturesque views take your mind somewhere else as you drink a cup of warm tea in a nearby tea shop. That’s just awesome, don’t you think?

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Nature and Wellbeing: How Spending Time Outdoors Boosts Your Mood

Not every day is a happy day. Everyone feels the blues from time to time. People have different ways of improving their mood. But those who regularly spend time outdoors are more likely to experience a greater sense of wellbeing. So the next time you feel stressed out or just need a quick break from it all consider heading out to the nearest park or any other green space near you. You might be surprised how it can change your mood for the better. Here’s how to tap into the therapeutic effects of spending time with nature.

Listen to the sounds of nature. When was the last time you took the time to listen to the natural sounds around you? Get away from the usual noise of the city by finding a quiet place where you can pick up the subtle sounds of the breeze as it pass through leaves or the buzz of bees and chirping of birds. Most relaxation music use soothing nature sounds, which you can enjoy by spending more time outdoors. You can start using nature to improve your mood by visiting a beach, lake, or river near you. Sit by the water, breathe, and release all your worries, fears, and tensions away.

Make outdoor breaks a part of your routine. Take outdoor breaks. Spend the few precious minutes of breaks from work at any available green space in your workplace. Or go for a short walk outside. Enjoy al fresco lunches or bring your lunch with you at nearby park so you have a leisurely lunch surrounded by nature. Not only will it help clear your mind. I may even spark your creativity.


Do some work outside. A change of scenery can be good for you. Sometimes all you have to do is to bring your laptop outside once in a while, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed by the pressures at work. Find a cozy spot outdoors where you can do your work while enjoying a breath of fresh air and the calming scenes that nature rarely seem to be in short supply of.

Take up an outdoor activity or sport. Nature and exercise are both great at boosting mood. Take up an outdoor activity or sport like biking, gardening, running, walking, or more. These activities should give you plenty of reason to go out and spend time with nature.

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