Why Cutting Down Trees Is Fun


If you think cutting down trees is just a heavy chore that should be done as soon as you get the memo from your parents or your spouse, think again.

Here’s why cutting down trees is fun:

  • It makes you stronger. It builds you up and gets your muscles and bones ready for just about any kind of work, as well as heavy chores you’ll be doing in the near future aside from cutting down trees.
  • It makes you feel closer to nature. Cutting down trees should not just be deemed as a mere chore. It should also be deemed as a way to make you feel closer to nature. After all, cutting trees takes skill and knowledge on which part should be cut down or not.
  • You get to use a saw. Let’s face it, being able to use saws can be one of the coolest things you’ll ever do. You see, saws are not just made for cutting trees. These can also be used for artistic purposes such as furniture making and wood carving.

Confused on how to go about furniture making and wood carving? Check out this Comparison of circular saws, as well as other kinds of saws.

  • It helps you become more responsible. Cutting down trees is not just a heavy chore especially given to you by your parents or your spouse. It comes with the responsibility of knowing how to survive and making use of your talents and skills outdoors.
  • Most of all, it keeps you fit and healthy. Cutting down trees and sawing it backwards and forwards can be a form of exercise, especially if you’re the type of person who never really goes out of the house. No need to go far away, to the gym, or to the park, just to be fit and healthy.

And there you have it…

Have fun cutting down trees!

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